We will work with you in the concept development of the event. This includes the date, price, theme, location etc.

We will develop a proposed budget with price estimates for all the services involved and project revenues. We will fill out and file the Los Angeles Police Commission Social Service Permit and Results of Activity.

Time Schedule
We will provide a time schedule which will be used as a guideline. Missed deadlines can be detrimental to the success of an event.

Committee Development
We will work with you in developing a dinner committee and co-chairs.

We will attend, with notice, any necessary meetings with your committee or board.

Graphics And Printing
We will work with a graphic artist and present for your approval, designs for stationery, invitations, tribute journals, and any other printed materials.

We will manage and assist you in the development of mailing lists and coordinate all mailings.

Follow-Up Calling
Follow-up calling is an integral part of a successful event. We will coordinate calling done by committee members as well as calling on our part. Although we will do calling, we do stress that a personal call can be very effective. Local telephone calls and faxing are included in the coordination fee.

We will arrange, with your approval, all elements of the event: the food, decor, audio/visual, lighting, parking, security etc.

Reservations And Finances
We will receive and register all money and ads, and register and ticket all attendees. We will handle money received in a mutually agreed upon manner. We will forward all approved bills to you for payment.

Tribute Journal
We will do the solicitation mailing, assist in the follow-up calling and work with the graphic artist and your designated person on the design and ad placement.

We will work with you on the event program. If desired, we will coordinate a printed program and distribute it at the event.

We will coordinate the seating with your committee and be responsible for the ticket processing.

We will be at the event to oversee the set-up and all arrangements. We will distribute the dinner tickets and attend to any questions or situations which may arise.

We will follow-up on any unpaid reservations. We will present you with a final event summary, final budget report and a contributors list. We will fill out and file the Los Angeles Police Commission and Results of Activity.

Fees are based on the event size and scope.

The following expenses will be billed separately:

*Addressing and mailing fees.

*Long distance telephone calls and faxing, postage, messengers, Federal Express, copies, miscellaneous printing, and additional office supplies.

*The services of all outside vendors, such as graphic artists, printers, photographer, catering, public relations, entertainment etc.

While we will extend our best efforts to assist in the sales of tickets and ads, the parties acknowledge that we cannot guarantee any level of gross or net receipts. We will use our experience, contacts, and efforts to be as successful as possible in coordinating a profitable as well as enjoyable event.