"We have worked with Michael Teta Associates for the past 9 years, during which our Dinner event has grown in leaps and bounds. It's always a pleasure to interact with Michael and his wonderful staff -- their professionalism, expertise and attention to detail are truly exceptional."
Emma Cherniavsky
HRW Council Director
Human Rights Watch

"Michael Teta and his staff approach each of our events as a partner rather than a company-for-hire. This attitude has been a critical contribution to BAFTA/LA's success over the past eight years as our major events have grown in attendance, publicity and influence. Michael is creative, committed, and makes organizing big and small events lots of fun."
Donald Haber
Executive Director

"I've had the great pleasure of chairing a number of events that Michael has organized, as well as attending ones he's been a part of. He's managed everything with such professionalism and style that I would never dream of doing an event without Michael!"
Rebecca Segal
SVP Sky Networks
BAFTA/LA Board of Directors

"I was New York-based but needed to run a gala in Los Angeles. I came to Michael with the honoree and, from that moment on, relied on his guidance, contacts and staff to handle the myriad details of the entire event. I am an (in-house) event planner myself, so it was tough to trust someone else's instincts, taste and hands on running of "my" event -- 3,000 miles away! I would do it again in a heart beat. He's the best."
Gerry Cornez
Executive Director
The Acting Company

"Dedicated, hard-working, responsible, honest and caring. Michael is the best!"
Mike Farrell

"Michael Teta Associates was a godsend of macro-planning and organizational efficiency for our big yearly event. I would recommend Teta and Associates to any company thinking of staging a big event -- if you want to have all your bases covered, they're the folks to go to!"
Eric Roth
Executive Director
Visual Effects Society

"Michael and his crackerjack team handled every conceivable detail of our 600-guest dinner and recognition event with professionalism, promptness and great good humor. That freed the members of the dinner committee and me to concentrate where our attention was most needed: on marketing the event through our relationship network. The result? A dinner net exceeding $150,000 for a first-time effort. Could we have been happier with Teta's work? No."
Paul Vandeventer
President & CEO
Community Partners

"Michael Teta Associates is the premier event planning company in southern California. Over the last 10 years, they have produced our Annual Awards Dinner with the highest degree of professionalism, creativity and a personal dedication and commitment to excellence that has all but guaranteed Death Penalty Focus's major fundraising event to be fantastically successful year after year."
Lance Lindsey
Executive Director
Death Penalty Focus

"Michael Teta and his organization deliver results. Michael is dependable and cost conscious. He thinks about the details which are so important in any event large or small. From beginning to end, Michael Teta Associates is our choice when we need performance."
Christopher McCarty
President and Chief Executive Officer